Even If It Hurts

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the way I believe we are meant to live. Diving into love and affection like we are teenagers bunging jumping on spring break, arms wide open with nothing to lose… … More Even If It Hurts


The Ordinary Waitress

It is amazing to me where inspiration sneaks into our ordinary lives.  We don’t have to have a great epiphany to be in awe of others, sometimes we just have to be open to notice what is around us.  The beauty of another human is capable of being cloaked in the ordinary and mundane.  As … More The Ordinary Waitress

The Light

This is all I want to concentrate on today…the light. The good guys. The helpers. Those who will knowingly run into the face of harm’s way. Those who would put their life on the line. Those men and women who did what they could when the world around them turned into hell. Those that will … More The Light